Black Clover's Return Date Backed by New Reports

Black Clover has yet to officially confirm when it will be returning to broadcast with new [...]

Black Clover has yet to officially confirm when it will be returning to broadcast with new episodes, but a new report now corroborates the previously reported Summer return for the fan-favorite anime. As one of the many weekly anime productions put on hold during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Black Clover's anime was definitely one that fans have been missing the most. The state of emergency lifted in Japan last month, and fans have been wondering when this anime would be coming back. But unfortunately no word has yet to be given about its impending comeback.

A previous report from an insider with a strong track record noted that Black Clover would be returning July 7th, and now a new promo shared by @DBHypeX on Twitter further boosts this claim by also touting the same July 7th return date. While it is apparently a promo from an upcoming issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, it's still best to take this news with a grain of salt.

If this promo does turn out to be the official case, then Black Clover will be returning with new episodes on July 7th with Episode 133 (the one left hanging by the COVID-19 hiatus). This will continue the anime's completely original arc filling in the six month gap period completely skipped over in Yuki Tabata's original manga version of the events.

The battle against the Spade Kingdom is now underway with each new chapter of the series, but the anime had officially entered into completely unexplored territory. For the first major time, the anime will be venturing into it's own original arc with these new episodes. There might have been a few filler stories spread throughout the anime thus far, but this one is truly different as it seeks to show off more of the training we are beginning to see the results of in the manga. But we'll hopefully see for sure how this continues to shake out if the anime indeed returns in July!

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