Black Clover Anime to Go on Hiatus

Black Clover has beaten the odds to become one of the top anime series out there, but it is not above going on hiatus. So what if Asta has brought in millions of fans since his TV show went live. With a new arc in sight, those fans have been looking forward to all that the Black Bulls have in store, but they are going to have to wait a bit for this anime-original arc.

After all, a new report claims the anime is headed for a hiatus. Black Clover surfaced online recently with a supposed announcement that confirms its plans for a break. The info was shared by WSJ_Manga who translated the scan and informed fans about the postponement.

"The Black Clover anime will (what we assume temporarily) go on break after the broadcasting of Episode 132. There will be a rerun of Episode 1 in Episode 133’s place on May 5th. Keep in mind, this is most likely due to the COVID-19 effect as we’ve seen with other anime currently," the user shared.

Of course, this bit of news shouldn't take fans by surprise. A slew of anime has been delayed in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. One of the first series to shutter was Princess Principal, and it was joined shortly by the second season of Re:Zero - Starting Life in a New World. Now, a whole bunch of shows have been shifted from Sword Art Online to Boruto and more.


The delays have been prompted by some rather significant production issues. Much of Japan is under a state of emergency, and Tokyo is one of the most restricted area. The city has asked its residents to work from home unless they are essential personnel, and that doesn't include voice actors or animators. A slew of anime stars have hit up social media to confirm they are no longer recording dialogue. With animators out of work too, it was only a matter of time before shows began to shudder, and it seems like Black Clover is the next to join the roster.

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