Black Clover Probably Won't Return in June

Black Clover went from being an underdog to one of the biggest shonen series in Japan. The story [...]

Black Clover went from being an underdog to one of the biggest shonen series in Japan. The story continues to impress readers by the day thanks to its colorful characters and story. You can understand why fans are upset the anime has been all quiet for nearly two months now, but they should not get their hopes up for June. After all, a new report has fans thinking Asta will be holed up until July at the earliest.

The whole ordeal began when a noted anime page known for leaking information mentioned Black Clover to their followers. The user Spytrue revealed they hadn't heard anything about the anime's comeback this month despite June being a full month in.

This kind of timing seems odd for fans as Black Clover has been on hiatus for quite some time. It was one of many shows which had to shutter production due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Japan established a State of Emergency which crippled lots of projects, but the country has since done away with the restriction. That has prompted shows like Pokemon Journeys to return to air while Digimon Adventure is working up to its late June comeback.

And as for Black Clover? Well, we know very little. The only information fans can rely on is the fact that an upcoming CD for the anime has been pushed back. The ending theme was slated to release in June but is now eyeing a July 22 debut. If that single is meant to go live with the new season of Black Clover, a July date looks more likely than ever thanks to this shift.

Of course, there is a chance Black Clover can hurry up its schedule. Pokemon Journeys gave fans a week or so to prepare for its comeback, so there is a precedence of last-minute announcements. Fans of the anime are just eager for a concrete answer, so let's all hope Asta is training hard for his awaited return!

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