Black Clover Cosplay Taps Into Asta's Power

One awesome Black Clover cosplay is really tapping into Asta's power! The fighter has been at the core of many conversations among anime and manga fans ever since Yuki Tabata's original manga series began its run with Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and many have pointed out how Asta is similar yet different to many of the other young action heroes found in the pages. As Asta continues his journey in the hopes of becoming the Wizard King someday, he has made great strides through all of the major conflicts seen in the series to this point so far.  

The anime series capped off its 170 episode run last year, and will be continuing with a new feature film in the near future, so fans are excited to see what is coming next for Asta as he continues fighting with everything he has. Because while he grows in strength in certain ways, his greatest power is actually his positivity and refusal to give in to insurmountable odds. It's why fans have loved seeing Asta on his journey, and root for him as much as we do. Now artist @africa.jpg on Instagram is showing off even more reasons to love Asta with some perfect cosplay for the young hero! Check it out below: 

Black Clover will be making its feature film debut in the future, but has yet to nail down any specific details about its release. It was confirmed that a new movie project was in the works shortly after the TV anime aired its final episode, but there has yet to be any release date, production, cast, staff or story information revealed about the new project as of this writing. There's a chance it makes it out this year, but until it's officially confirmed one way or the other all fans can do is eagerly wait. 

If you wanted to see what is next to come for Black Clover, Yuki Tabata's manga has been continuing with new chapters far beyond where the anime ended. You can check out the three most recent chapters for the series completely for free with Viz Media's digital Shonen Jump library, and those chapters just might set out the roadmap for what to expect in the movie and potential future for the anime. But what do you think? Where does Asta rank among your favorite Shonen Jump heroes? Let us know all of your thoughts on Black Clover and everything anime in the comments!