Black Clover Cliffhanger Reveals Best Asta x Noelle Moment Yet

Black Clover's manga just gave the best Noelle and Asta moment yet with the cliffhanger from the [...]

Black Clover's manga just gave the best Noelle and Asta moment yet with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series! The fights against the devils in the Spade Kingdom continues with the newest chapter, and unfortunately things were not looking great for Noelle. Despite unlocking a new stage of her magic power and a new form that was able to defeat Vanica Zogratis at last, this was only the beginning of the fight as the true threat of the devil Megicula began to reveal herself. Her cursed power left Noelle and the others at a loss for what to do.

As the previous chapter came to an end, Gaja had sacrificed himself for one last attack only for the newest chapter to reveal that it wasn't enough to defeat Megicula's curse magic. Thankfully a huge ray of hope came in the form of Asta as he swooped in to help Noelle at the last moment, and leading to one of the best moments between the two in the series overall as Noelle can't help but cry when seeing him.

Black Clover Asta x Noelle Manga 300 Cliffhanger Spoilers
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Chapter 300 tested Noelle more than ever before as she tried to continue fighting although her magic had been completely depleted through her efforts against Megicula thus far. The devil continued to taunt Noelle and asked why she continues to fight even when there's no hope of victory, and as Noelle says that she doesn't want to give up her inner monologue says different as she knows there's no way she can win in this situation.

She says her strength lies in not giving up, but fails to save Lolopechka when it really mattered. Luckily, Asta gets there just in time to not only remove the curse from Lolopechka's body, but he tells Noelle, "I barely made it! We saw each other again just fine, right Noelle?" Noelle, then smiles while tears form in her eyes as she berates him once again in her playful way with, "This is completely not 'just fine' Dorkista!"

But the real moment comes with Noelle's realization that upon seeing Asta, he desire to keep fighting and not give up was a result of seeing Asta fight so many times. Their time together taught Noelle not to give up, and this moment helps to reflect just how much Asta has rubbed on Noelle since the series began. Now it's just a matter of seeing whether or not Asta can defeat Megicula for the both of them.

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