Black Clover Stuns With Asta's Noelle Save

Black Clover stunned with Asta's major save of Noelle Silva with the newest chapter of the series! [...]

Black Clover stunned with Asta's major save of Noelle Silva with the newest chapter of the series! Yuki Tabata's original manga has been in quite the intense slate of battles as the Clover Kingdom has raided the Spade Kingdom in an attempt to fend off the Dark Triad before they were able to complete the Advent of Qliphoth ritual. Unfortunately for Noelle Silva and the others, things have only gotten worse as some of the highest ranking devils in the underworld have managed to make their way to the human world despite the gates only being cracked open.

The previous chapter proved just how terrible this could actually be for the Clover Kingdom as Megicula has unleashed herself partially thanks to a new phase of her original plan to curse and kill specific women to bring herself fully to the human world. This chapter also gave Noelle very little options on how to fight back against the devil thanks to her lack of Saint Stage power following the collapse of her Spirit Dive, but the newest chapter of the series ends up giving her a crucial save from Asta.

Black Clover 300 Asta Saves Noelle Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 300 of the series picks up right after Gaja burned through the rest of his life for one final attack on Megicula, but unfortunately the devil has a high speed recovery curse that instantly restored her form. Making matters worse is now she's completely separated from her former host, Vanica, thanks to Gaja's attacks. With the curse magic taking out Undine, Gaja, Charlotte, and Rill, Noelle tries her best for one final stand with whatever little magic she can muster.

She knows that she has no real chance to win, but refuses to give in to Megicula's taunting and power. Megicula then tries to detonate Lolopechka's body, and Noelle leaps in trying to save her. With her hand extended, Asta suddenly swoops in and slaps her hand to tag himself in. In an instant, Asta cancels out the self-detonation and begins removing the curse from Lolopechka. Seeing Asta, Noelle begins to shed tears as the chapter comes to an end.

With Asta making it to the scene on time, now he and Noelle can work together to take down Megicula despite both of them being weakened by the fights prior. Now that the two of them are together, they'll be much stronger as a team. But what did you think of Asta saving Noelle in a clutch? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!