Black Clover Cliffhanger Teases New Megicula Form

Black Clover is teasing another horrifying form for the devil Megicula with the cliffhanger from [...]

Black Clover is teasing another horrifying form for the devil Megicula with the cliffhanger from its newest chapter of the series! The fight against the Dark Triad and devils of the underworld is in the midst of a whole new gear in the Spade Kingdom, and Noelle Silva's fight against Vanica Zogratis had taken a deadly new turn. Although she had managed to take down Vanica with ease with their major rematch that Noelle had been working towards this entire time, it was still not enough as Vanica was only a symptom of the real problem.

It was soon revealed that following Vanica's defeat, the devil within her started to sprout and emerge partially in the real world. Megicula revealed that this was her real plan all along that she had been building toward since cursing and killing Noelle's mother years before, and following a last ditch attack from Gaja in the newest chapter, it seems she has begun to unleash a new and potentially even stronger form.

Black Clover Megicula New Form Cliffhanger Manga Spoilers
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Chapter 299 of the series picks up from the cliffhanger that saw Noelle's Spirit Dive not only break down, but Gaja had been dealt a fatal blow. Channeling the last of his life into one more powerful Ultimate Magic attack, he unleashes a power strong enough to briefly counter Megicula's curse magic and separate her from Vanica's body completely. While Megicula had stated that her current form is only partially unleashed due to the incomplete Malevolent Femcantation, it seems that she didn't exactly need to stick to Vanica's body to survive.

As the chapter comes to an end, it's revealed that Gaja's spell left him completely charred as a result of his powerful lightning. Noelle tries to follow this up with the last bit of her Saint Stage magic that she was able to build up, but she stops in her tracks when she sees that even Gaja's powerful lightning wasn't enough. In the smoke following the attack, all we can see is a silhouette of Megicula spreading her wings and completely detached from Vanica's body.

So while this new form could not come with a visual change, it's clear that this high ranking devil is now unleashed in a more powerful way than she was previously released before. With Neolle so damaged, now the question is whether or not she can win against such a powerful enemy. But what do you think of this cliffhanger? How are you feeling about Megicula so far? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!