Black Clover Shares First Look at Major Spade Kingdom Arc Debut

Black Clover's newest opening theme gave us a first look at one of the major character debuts coming in the Spade Kingdom arc! Black Clover's anime premiered its first new episode of the year, and with it officially began the much-anticipated Spade Kingdom arc of Yuki Tabata's original series. While the first episode of the arc introduced the main villains alongside some re-introductions to new takes on the fan favorites we have come to love, there are still some major mysteries as to how the rest of the arc is going to play out in the anime.

Much of the mystery for fans not completely up to date with the original manga release of the series comes from the new opening theme. Like many of the more exciting openings in the anime's past, this newest opening offers some major teases and first looks as to many of the major character reveals, debuts, and even fights coming later in the arc. But one particular cameo is potentially even more important than the others as he plays a huge role in the arc's second phase.

Black Clover Nacht Spade Kingdom Arc Anime First Look
(Photo: Pierrot)

Without giving too much away outside of his name, Nacht, this character has yet to be officially revealed by the anime's staff. This makes the tease in the opening even more intriguing as all we see of this shadowy figure is that he can emerge from a shadow on the ground. While the Spade Kingdom's Dark Triad has been cast and their official character designs had been revealed prior to the arc's premiere, Nacht has been intentionally kept as a mystery.

He'll come into play in the Spade Kingdom arc's second phase, so that makes his appearance in this opening even more noticeable. There's going to be quite a lot of action and other major events before he even makes his debut. This newest opening reaches pretty far into the Spade Kingdom arc, so fans should strap in for what's going to be a pretty exciting year for the anime as a whole with characters like Nacht already slated to make their debut.

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