Black Clover Marks Return from Hiatus with Special Letter

As promised, the magical knights of Black Clover are back! Earlier this year, fans learned the hit manga was going on a break, and creator Yuki Tabata promised to resume work as soon as possible. Now, Shueisha has brought Black Clover back with an all-new chapter, and Tabata has released a special letter to fans to commemorate the milestone!

The note comes in the most recent release of Weekly Shonen Jump as it just hit shelves in Japan. As you can see below, Tabata penned a lovely letter to readers in celebration of Black Clover returning, and it was there the artist thanked everyone for their continued support.

"After a three-month break, we're pleased to announce Black Clover's serialization has returned! It was quite a break, but I have done my best to exceed expectations for this final act! From this point forward, Asta and his friends will face even greater challenges to become the Magic Emperor! There's also an anime movie coming up, so I'll do my best to not be overcome by the harsh schedules of my weekly release. Please give us your support! Thank you to everyone who patiently waited for Black Clover even during it hiatus," the note reads.

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Of course, this comeback chapter is a rather meaty one. Not only does it focus on Asta's final confession to his crush, but there are seedier things happening in the background. If you have already checked out the final pages of Black Clover's update, you will know a hero scorches the Earth when they reveal their secret allegiance, so the manga's final act is already ramping up the intensity just one chapter in.

What do you think about Black Clover's big comeback? How do you want to see the series tackle its final act? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.