Black Clover: What to Know Ahead of the Manga's Return

Black Clover has been out of sight and out of mind for a few months now, but that is all going to change this weekend. At long last, Yuki Tabata is reviving the hit series with an all-new chapter. Shonen Jump will gift chapter 332 in just a few days, so all eyes are back on Asta. So if you need a little refresher on what's all happening, you've come to the right place.

To start, Black Clover went on hiatus earlier this year as Tabata confirmed the break in April. It was then the artist said they wanted to take a three-month hiatus to prepare for the manga's final act. When Black Clover returns this week, it will do so by kicking off its final venture. And following its most recent arc, there is a lot for Black Clover to answer.

The manga wrapped up its Spade Kingdom Raid arc right before its hiatus began, after all. The epic arc followed soldiers from the Clover and Heart Kingdoms as they made their way into Spade Kingdom where a number of devils had set up camp. Our main heroes ended up confronting Lucifero in the manga's biggest battle yet. Everyone from Asta to Liebe to Yami and even Charlotte get involved in the fight. Ultimately, Lucifero is rendered immobile, but his heart is taken by Adrammelech before our knights can finish the devil off.

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And as for the manga's last chapter, it checked on Asta as he prepared to train with Liebe after seeing memories of his mother at long last. Yuno had to deal with his own dilemma as the orphan was introduced to his birth mother, the queen of the Spade Kingdom. Lucifero's death also led to the revelation of another devil, and they happen to be none other than Julius whose real name is Lucius Zogratis. So when Black Clover returns with its new chapter, fans can expect the Magic Emperor's stunning confession to start some serious trouble.

If you are excited to check out the comeback, Black Clover chapter 332 will be available on Manga Plus as well as Shonen Jump's app stateside. The entire manga is available digitally to read if you aren't caught up yet. So for anyone still lagging behind, you better catch up quick!

Are you excited for Black Clover to make its big return? Did you catch up with Tabata's manga during its hiatus? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.