Black Clover Finale Promises to End With an Important Announcement

Black Clover has been a constant for fans since its debut years ago, but all good things must come to an end. While the manga chugs along as always, the anime has announced its end is in sight. The show is set to close its doors next month thanks to its final episode, and it seems the farewell will end with an important announcement.

As it turns out, Black Clover will part ways with fans on March 30. Fans have about two months left to enjoy the series, and many of them are understandably upset. After all, Black Clover is one of the most popular series in Japan right now, so its premature end doesn't line up. That is why director Tatsuya Yoshihara has given fans hope for the future. The show's leader teased on Twitter that a major announcement will be made after the finale.

"I have been involved with Black Clover for about five years, ever since the day I began planning its PV. It will end with episode 170, so I hope you will watch over Asta until the end. Please look forward to a final major announcement," Yoshihara shared.

As you can imagine, fans are doing the best to figure out what this big reveal involves. So far, there are two prevalent theories floating around, and one would make fans happier than the other. That would be for the anime's continuation down the line. Black Clover is coming to an end now that its anime has reached the point its manga is at. In order to avoid tons of filler content, it seems the anime has chosen to close shop, but that means Black Clover could return one day when the manga is further along.

The second theory suggests the announcement will concern a movie. So far, no film has ever tackled Black Clover, and that is unusual for such a popular annual anime. The series might have a movie in the works to tide fans over during Black Clover's absence. But for now, audiences will have to wait and see what happens once March 30 comes around.


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