'Black Clover' Confirms Its Lengthy Season One Episode Order

Black Clover has only aired a handful of episodes so far, but Japan seems ready to go all-in on the franchise. Earlier today, the anime’s official website updated its home video section, and the release confirmed Black Clover’s first season is getting a whopping 50+ episodes.

So, yeah - someone needs to go get Asta’s voice actor some throat lozenges ASAP.

As you can see here, Black Clover is scheduled to get 51 episodes but some fans believe the first season will be made up of just 50. The additional blip is likely an OVA which will be released with the first season when it goes to home video.

In Weekly Shonen Jump, the magazine’s latest issue confirms the anime will be getting a five box set Blu-ray collection. The release will go live on February 23 of next year and go until January 25, 2019. Currently, pricing indicates the Blu-ray will sell for sell for about $150 USD while the DVD collection retails for a little bit less.


Earlier this year, reports suggested that Black Clover’s first season would get a much smaller episode order from Pierrot. Funimation’s website led fans to believe the show would only get 13 episodes to start, but the licensor said the number was simply a placeholder put on its site. New reports from Yonkou Production then said in October that Black Clover would be 50 episodes, and it seems the second update was right on the money.

For those unfamiliar with Black Clover, the series comes from creator Yuki Tabata and was launched in issues of Shonen Jump in 2015. Popular since its debut, the series follows an orphan boy named Asta who is seemingly born without any magic power -- something unheard of in the world he lives in. Asta grows up with is friend, Yuno, a born prodigy with immense magical talent and the story follows the two as they compete to see who will become the strongest Magic Knight in Clover Kingdom, the Wizard King.