Black Clover's Latest Opening Teases Devilish New Threats

Black Clover's anime continues to surprise not only because there doesn't seem to be any break for its weekly new releases in sight, but recently startled fans (in a good way) with the reveal that they were going full into the newest arc of the series -- an arc that's currently underway in the manga. It's an arc that's relatively fresh in terms of what the scope of it will be, and it's still revealing who the villainous focus of everything will be as new threats from the Spade Kingdom continue to reveal themselves.

When the Reincarnation arc came to an end, the revived Wizard King Julius Novachrono revealed that the Clover Kingdom as a whole has been weakened due to its surprise civil war. This makes them a prime target of attack from the neighboring Spade, Heart, and Diamond Kingdoms too. But while it seemed like the Diamond Kingdom would be the threat like before, it doesn't seem like this is the case.

Asta and the Black Bulls have been tasked with venturing outside of the Clover Kingdom to investigate the threat of the Devils, and the newest opening theme for the series features these devilish threats in some pretty significant ways. One of which is three individuals from the Spade Kingdom, who have set their sights on the rest of the world.

Because this arc is continuing to unfold, we don't really know much about this trio as they have just been jumping into action in the latest couple of chapters of the series. Without giving too much away, they have ties to Devils and that otherworldly power much like Asta does. But they are far less noble with how they use these abilities.


As the anime continues, there is potential for a bit of slowing down with original anime content. We're approaching a training arc that was skipped over in the original manga, but provides some good space for a bit of breathing room should the team behind the anime choose to use it. But what do you think?

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