Bleach Animator Wows Fans with Tower of God Artwork

Tower of God has been one of the biggest anime releases of 2020, starting as a Crunchyroll [...]

Tower of God has been one of the biggest anime releases of 2020, starting as a Crunchyroll Original and slowly making its way to new audiences the world over, one of which happens to be one of the character designers on the legendary Shonen franchise of Bleach, who gives us a brand new depiction of Twenty-Fifth Baam! With Bleach set to return via the upcoming anime adaptation of the "Thousand Year Blood War" Arc, as well as the spin off series that follows witches in the world of Soul Society in "Bleach: Burn The Witch", the future seems bright for both anime series!

The Tower of God is an interesting anime in that it follows a world wherein warriors enter into the titular tower in order to better their own lives, fighting against waves of enemies that could mean the end of their lives. Twenty-Fifth Baam, who is the main protagonist of the anime itself, enters the tower not for a better life, but rather, to search for his missing friend Rachel. In the initial episodes of the series, we've witnessed Baam fighting against hordes of monsters as well as other seasoned combatants looking to ascend the tower itself in search of better living conditions!

Masashi Kudo took to his Official Twitter Account, sharing his take on the protagonist of Tower of God, seamlessly blending his style that helped the world of the Soul Society be brought to life to the newest Crunchyroll Original that has become one of the biggest anime series on the streaming platform:

On top of working on Bleach's television series and several movies of the franchise, Masashi has also worked on anime series such as Witch Hunter Robin and The Wings of Rean to name a few. Though we don't know if he will have a role in the upcoming revival of the series led by Ichigo Kurosaki, we'll certainly be crossing our fingers that Kudo lends his artistic talents in the anime adaptation of Bleach's final story line.

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