'Bleach' Artist Shares Sleek 'Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse' Sketch

When it comes to animation, Japan stays in shape thanks to its anime pursuits, but Hollywood [...]

When it comes to animation, Japan stays in shape thanks to its anime pursuits, but Hollywood proved it can do animation just recently. Last weekend, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse gave audiences a taste of what superhero cartoons can do, and one of anime's favorite artists is paying homage to the Marvel hero as such.

Over on Twitter, Masashi Kudo delivered a special gift to fans. The artist who famously worked on Bleach did his own Spider-Verse exploration, and it is an impressive one.

Just, don't ask where Peter Parker is. You don't always need the OG hero around, you know?

As you can see above, the sleek sketch shows off two leads from Into the Spider-Verse. To the right, fans can see Miles Morales in his famous hooded costume. The black-and-red combo helps the young hero blend into New York City sky, and it seems the boy is not alone.

Spider-Gwen can be found thwipping alongside Miles, and she looks as lean as ever. With her blue ballet shoes pointed, Spider-Gwen appears to be doing a twist in midair, and the heroine has even taken her hood down to enjoy the crisp sky around her.

Naturally, anime and comic book fans are loving this special medium mash-up, but this is not the first time Into the Spider-Verse has been connected with anime. In fact, a recent tweet revealed the Marvel movie borrowed animation techniques from Japan's most recent CGI anime titles.

"My friend David Han is responsible for bringing this technique up for use in this film," Eric Huang, an artist with Trinket Studios, wrote. "Cgi anime like "Land of Lustrus" [sic] use it and was one of the refs. He's currently nominated for an Annie in Character Animation category and I'm super proud!"

So, there you have it. As it turns out, Into the Spider-Verse has a totally circular relationship with the anime industry. The film's crew fell in love with techniques found in Land of Lustrous, and Into the Spider-Verse enamored one of Bleach's artists enough to warrant its own fan-art. Now, fans are crossing their fingers a Into the Spider-Versesequel will get approved -- and if it does -- it best bring in folks like Kudo to its team.

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