Blue Lock is Teasing a Shonen Jump Announcement

Blue Lock has been a major contender for one of the biggest new anime to arrive this year, and with the anime's creator having a hand in designing the uniforms of Japan's World Cup team. With the first season of the anime already releasing a handful of episodes, it seems that the series is preparing to release a major announcement thanks to Weekly Shonen Jump. This sports anime sets up dire stakes for those players involved in the "Blue Lock program", which adds an interesting wrinkle to the series.            

Following Japan's major victories at the World Cup this year, all eyes have been on Blue Lock and its creator, Yusuke Nomura, who is not only responsible for the art of the manga but also had a hand in designing Japan's uniforms for this major sporting event. With the series having only released a handful of episodes of its anime so far, it might be a little premature to think that a second season will be confirmed, though stranger things have happened in the anime world to date. Should the anime continue, there are plenty more stories to adapt from the manga.

Big Lock

Blue Lock is promising to reveal a big announcement in the next issue of Shonen Magazine which will arrive later this month, which might be more related to the manga than the anime itself as new chapters continued to be released on a semi-regular basis: 

If you haven't had the opportunity to dive into Blue Lock, you can stream the first episodes of the soccer series on Crunchyroll, with the streaming service releasing an official description of the cutthroat anime: 

"Japan's desire for World Cup glory leads the Japanese Football Association to launch a new rigorous training program to find the national team's next striker. Three hundred high school players are pitted against each other for the position, but only one will come out on top. Who among them will be the striker to usher in a new era of Japanese soccer?"  


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