'Boruto' Reveals Stunning New Images of Naruto and Sasuke's Momoshiki Battle

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is about to debut its highly-anticipated new episode (no. 65), "Father and Child", which will see Naruto and Sasuke battling the evil fused Momoshiki Otsutsuki, with Boruto caught in the crossfire! Thanks to a new batch of images from the episode, we now see just what kind of gorgeous upgrade Boruto is getting in the animation department!

Naruto Episode 65 Fused Momoshiki Fight
Boruto Episode 65 Naruto Sasuke Fight
Boruto Episode 65 Boruto Rasengan Attack

These images capture the significant aesthetic upgrade Boruto is getting, with a more soon-to-be-iconic images than a single episode of the series has ever produced! The Momoshiki image is definitely our most terrifying look yet at the villain, while longtime Naruto fans are going to go crazy over this split image of a fully-powered Naruto and Sasuke battling side-by-side, and seemingly to enjoy that reunion, judging by the smirks on their faces. Finally, the image of Boruto invokes the classic spirit of Naruto, and marks the moment when Boruto will have to step up in a very big way to help his father (Naruto) and mentor (Sasuke) put down this new Otsutsuki threat for good.

As previously reported, Boruto episode 65 is being treated as a landmark moment in the series, and some key behind-the-scenes events prove it! In addition to some great new animation work revealed by Naruto animator Chengxi Huang, we've also learned that Japan's Studio Pierrot actually tapped American animator Spencer Wan (Netflix's Castlevania) to also contribute to the episode!

Here's the official synopsis for Boruto's landmark "Father and Child" episode:

"What will Naruto and his comrades do about Momoshiki, who's attained even more power!? While Boruto is watching over them attentively, Naruto and Sasuke manage to corner Momoshiki with their tremendous strength! However, an intruder appears…!?"


You can catch the new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu starting on Thursday, July 19th.