Boruto: New Promo Teases a Very Important Arrival

When it comes to Boruto, fans have been gearing up for a new arc for some time now. It was announced this year that the sequel would dive into its manga at last, and fans were eager to meet Kara as part of that deal. A series of set-up stories have run following the big announcement, and it seems the Ao arc is just around the corner. After all, a promo has been revealed for a future episode of Boruto, and it teases the arrival of a very important ninja.

The surfaced promo started circulating amongst Boruto fans earlier today thanks to fan-pages like Abdul Zoldyck. It was there fans learned episode 178 promises to kickstart the Ao arc. The upcoming episode will bring Ao himself into the picture at last, and his appearance will tie into an important memorial for the village.

Boruto Naruto Cliffhanger Kara Moment Tease Konohamaru Mugino
(Photo: Shueisha)

According to the blurb, episode 178 will follow "aa close aide of the Fifth Mizukage" as they visit the Hidden Leaf. If you will remember, the Mizukage in question here is none other than Mei Terumi. The leader of the village helped the other Kage during the Fourth Great Ninja War. Mei had several confidants while in office, but fans will know who the most famous was. Ao happened to be a close friend to the Fifth Mizukage, so it seems his arrival to the Hidden Leaf is just weeks away.

The blurb doesn't give anything away about Ao in particular, but fans can put the pieces together. The Fifth Mizukage did not have an abundance of allies close to her, and manga readers already know Ao is integral to the upcoming arc; After all, the story is named after the Kirigakure hero. Now, it seems Boruto fans are going to learn why Ao was even in the Hidden Leaf, and they can expect the show to push forward with its exciting new story soon after.

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