Boruto Poster Surfaces with New Mujina Bandits Characters

The Mujina Bandits arc is in full swing in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, with brand new character designs having just been released for the upcoming episodes! The story arc, which follows Boruto and Mitsuki attempting to discover the plans of these rogue ninjas looking to pull off a big score within the borders of the Hidden Leaf Village, is promising to bring more villains into the path of Team 7! With the story line being an arc that was originally told in the manga, fans are paying attention to the events and characters that make their debut here!

With Boruto and Mitsuki's mission underway, the two young ninja are up to their necks in danger as they have had to pretend to be prisoners within the prison that is Hozuki Castle. As they attempt to learn more about the Mujina Bandits arc plan and just who these rogue ninjas are, it's clear that this is easily one of the most dangerous missions that the son of Naruto and his friends have undertook so far as ninjas of Konoha!

Twitter User Boruto4Life shared the new designs for the upcoming characters who are some of the strongest ninja that the Mujina Bandits have to offer, as well as young boy named Tento is going to add a brand new wrinkle into the proceedings of the dangerous mission:

Shojoji is one of the literal biggest members of the Mujina Bandits, attempting to use the young boy Tento to accomplish their goals. Shojoji himself has a disturbing technique that is called the "Corpse Clone Technique" which gives the rotund ninja a serious upper hand when it comes to subterfuge. On top of this, the Mujina Bandit can release a wind technique that can block most any attack that comes his way.

Tento meanwhile is the son of a high up leader within the Land of Fire, making him for quite the target when it comes to accomplishing the Mujina Bandits' goals. It will certainly be interesting to see how these characters are presented in the anime, as Shojoji especially has some disturbing sequences in the Boruto manga!


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