'Boruto' Spoilers Reveal New Details About Sasuke's Comeback

After a rather long wait, it seems Boruto is about to give fans what they want. This month, the anime will celebrate its one-year anniversary, and it will do so by charging into the ‘Chunin Exam’ arc. Now, a set of new synopses for the show have gone live, and their spoiler-friendly blurbs have shared new details about Sasuke’s return to the Leaf Village.

So, clearly, spoilers below!

Recently, a series of episode synopses went live for Boruto, and the descriptions confirm Sasuke’s TV comeback is on its way. The hero made a very brief comeback last week during the anime’s latest episode, but Boruto will welcome back the Uchiha heir this week with episode 53.

“Himawari’s Birthday” will go live in just a few days, and the update will bring Sasuke back to the Leaf Village like expected. Just as he did in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, the Uchiha will return home to tell Naruto about his encounter with the Otsutsuki villains looking to live out Kaguya’s legacy. The impending episode should feature snippets of Sasuke’s fight with the alien clan, but his comeback won’t be fully embraced until episode 54.

After all, the synopsis did confirm that episode is titled “Sasuke and Boruto.” You can read its summary below:

“Boruto’s anger at his father for ruining his sister’s birthday drives him to head to Naruto to directly talk to him. On the way, he comes across Sasuke. Fueled by his anger, Boruto attacks Sasuke, only to be subdued in an instant. Having experienced Sasuke’s strength firsthand, Boruto asks to be taken in as his student.”


As you can see, episode 54 will finally flesh out Boruto’s long-awaited encounter with Sasuke. The meeting was first made public in the last Naruto film, but Boruto’s TV series is slated to expand upon the duo’s relationship. Desperate to get back at his father, Boruto will do anything to show Naruto up, and Sasuke seems to be the only man alive who can live up to the Seventh Hokage. However, Boruto learns getting revenge is not as easy as he’d hoped, and he will find himself tempted to cheat to ease the daunting journey.

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