'Boruto' Revives A Major Akatsuki Villain

Boruto is never afraid to learn into its franchise’s past, and fans of Naruto were reminded of [...]

Boruto is never afraid to learn into its franchise's past, and fans of Naruto were reminded of that with its latest episode. Not too long ago, the series dipped into its 51st episode, but the ordinary release ended with a major surprise that fans didn't see coming.

After all, White Zetsu is back, and Boruto is about to face the living weapon head on.

Earlier today, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations released its 51st episode, and it followed its titular hero on his birthday. Boruto celebrated the big day with his mother, sister, and Team 7 comrades. The happy affair was a light one to watch, but it did sour when Boruto realized his father would not make it back home for the party. The tense reveal had fans sympathizing for both the Uzumaki men, and then things go even worse for Boruto.

(Photo: Studio Pierrot)

Shortly after his birthday passed, Team 7 was assigned a simple mission to capture some bandits. The task took them to an outlying village where three thieves were said to have died after they ran into a cave with their stolen goods. Unsure of the claim, Team 7 went to check out the cave to reassure the villagers, and that is where things went wrong. Boruto's squad was cornered by a group of red-eyed monsters before a hulking beast came from above to attack them. And, when light shone over the creature, fans realized it was none other than White Zetsu.

Of course, fans are a bit surprised to see White Zetsu considering the Akatsuki member was killed back in Naruto: Shippuden. The baddie was destroyed along with Kaguya once Naruto and Sasuke realized they were the main villains behind the Fourth Great Ninja War. White Zetsu might have died under Sasuke's hand, but there is a chance some of his wartime clones may have survived. Judging by this new guy's appearance, it looks like there is something up with White Zetsu, so fans are eager to see how the Akatsuku mastermind factors into Boruto moving forward.

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