'Boruto' Anime Reveals Key Visual For Next Arc

Boruto isn't playing around with fans anymore. The anime is about to wrap its Academy days for Boruto Uzumaki, and the show plans to head into one much-anticipated story next. A new poster for the anime is out, and it confirms the anime is heading into an arc originally covered by Boruto: Naruto the Movie.

Yes, that's right. Boruto is about to put his genin skills to the test and level up for the chunin exams.

Over on Twitter, Yonkou Productions shared a high-res image of Boruto's new poster. The image, which can be seen below, shows Boruto leaping forward in his usual uniform with a Rasengan charged in his hand. Naruto and Sasuke are seen to the boy's right while Sarada and Mitsuke chill to his left. A trio of Otsutsuki members are shown behind the Leaf Village heroes, and two of them should look familiar to fans as they debuted in Naruto's final movie.

(Photo: Pierrot )

Reports say the Boruto anime arc will be more in-depth than the Naruto film was with its chunin exam storyline. The story is expected to "include elements from Kishimoto's original draft that wasn't in the movie." The expansion will likely shed more light on the Otsutsuki clan and how the family's legacy will continue to effect the franchise. The manga has already hinted at how Boruto will be shaped by Momoshiki in particular as the Uzumaki received a mysterious seal from the so-called god after they clashed for the final time.

If you are not familiar with Boruto, then you should know the sequel is one of Japan's most popular anime series at the moment. The show acts as a follow-up to Naruto: Shippuden and follows the next generation of Leaf Village heroes. Naruto's eldest child Boruto acts as the show's titular hero, and the anime will soon see the ninja grouped into his genin team as he starts his heroic journey in earnest.


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