Naruto Reveals an Adorable Sarada-Sasuke Prank

With Boruto: Naruto Next Generations set to give Sarada and Sasuke some serious father daughter time with an upcoming training arc to buff up the current Team 7 member against the re-match against the Kara Organization, but a novel spin-off for the anime franchise has shown us an adorable prank that brings the two Uchihas closer together. Though Sarada is gaining in strength with each passing chapter of the anime and the manga, she still has a long way to go until she reaches the overall power of her father who remains one of the strongest ninja residing within the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha!

The novel, titled Sasuke Shinden, is set to give us a more in-depth look into the relationship between these two Uchihas. Sasuke himself hasn't beeen the most ideal father, originally spending little to no quality time with his family as he would perform "wet work" missions on behalf of Konoha, but as the series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has continued, the father daughter team has been growing closer and closer. Though Boruto won't be training with his father in the upcoming arc of the anime, he is getting an insanely strong teacher nonetheless in the form of the copycat ninja, and sixth Hokage, known as Kakashi!

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared this excerpt from the spin-off novel series for the Naruto franchise, showing off not only this hilarious prank but also giving us a heart warming moment wherein Sasuke touches the forehead of his daughter, iliciting one of the most iconic scenes of the anime that was performed by Itachi Uchiha:

The novel spin-offs will sometimes be translated into the anime directly, with a recent story involving Kakashi and Might Guy searching for magical hot springs that was taken directly from the novel of Konoha Shinden. Based on the amazing events both big and small that happen in these novels, we're crossing our fingers that more of them are translated into the anime itself.

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