'Boruto' Reveals Naruto's Crazy Strategy For Beating Kara's Chakra Tech

Boruto's latest manga chapter picks up with the furious battle between Naruto and 'Delta,' aka one [...]

Boruto's latest manga chapter picks up with the furious battle between Naruto and "Delta," aka one of the powerful, tech-enhanced warriors who is one of the "Inners" of the mysterious Kara organization. In the first round of battle, Delta revealed that she is yet another fighter that Kara has cybernetically enhanced with Scientific Ninja Tools built directly into her body - including a deadly anti-regeneration eye blast, and the same chakra-absorbing feature that Kara's first enforcer, Lord Ao, also had.

This combination of powers makes Delta a legitimate formidable threat to Naruto - at least that's the way Boruto sees it! However, Kawaki has faith in the Hokage's abilities - and after making a major sacrifice to save Naruto and Himawari from being vaporized, Kawaki gets to see his faith rewarded!

Delta's eye blast leaves Kawaki missing one arm, but that crippling injury doesn't stop the sadistic Delta form threatening Kawaki with Kara's retribution - and Naruto with the death of the children he seeks to protect. That trash-talk pushes Naruto too far: The Hokage let's Delta know she's gone too far this time, and the next round of battle goes very differently, as a result.

The threat Delta's chakra-absorbing abilities present have proven to be very formidable - but not unbeatable. Naruto discerns from watching the absorption process work that Kara's operatives indeed have the technology to absorb chakra from jutsu attacks - but actually storing that energy is another matter entirely. Naruto bets that a battery can only store so much energy - and he's got more than enough of it to spare!

Naruto hits Delta with a Giant Rasengan attack, which the villainous enforcer sucks up like nothing. Naruto doubles down on that with a "Super Giant Rasengan," which Delta brashly takes head-on, taunting Naruto that he's a fool for thinking that "bigger meant unabsorbable." However, while Delta is getting so hung up on Naruto showing her the proper respect as an opponent, she never realizes what that sneaky Uzumaki is really up to... until it's too late. Delta is able to absorb the Super Giant Rasengan with some effort, but doing so burns out the Ninja Tools in her eyes, leaving her without her two most powerful abilities.

With the Chakra-absorption gone Naruto is able to fully unleash his power, and he nails Delta with a "Super Super Giant Rasengan" and finishes Delta off for good!

Boruto airs new episodes weekly on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.


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