Boruto May Be Set to Adapt Some Big Manga Chapters in January

One of the biggest complaints that many anime fans had when it came to Boruto: Naruto Next [...]

One of the biggest complaints that many anime fans had when it came to Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was that the majority of the episodes had focused on "filler", aka stories that were made entirely for the anime, but it seems as if the series is doing a severe "about-face" as next year will see some big manga stories hit the small screen! With a recent episode focusing on the older generation of ninja remembering the terrible events of the Fourth Ninja World War, fans are seemingly more on board with the latest adventures of the Hidden Leaf Village!

One of the biggest characters that have yet to be introduced in the anime for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been Kawaki, the young renegade of the Kara Organization that eventually finds himself joining the Uzumaki Clan and becoming one of the most important ninjas of Konoha. With the upcoming arcs focusing on the return of one of the heroes of the Fourth Ninja World War in Ao, it's clear that the anime is beginning to focus more on the events of the manga, which means that Kara is going to take a far bigger role in the television series marching forward.

Twitter User Boruto 4 Life shared the breakdown of how the anime will be adapting the stories of the manga in the coming weeks, documenting the arrival of Ao and the potential focus on the young member of the Kara Organization known as Kawaki:

Naruto fans were shocked to learn that the creator of the franchise, Masashi Kishimoto, would be returning to the world he had created decades ago as a writer for the manga, leading many to believe that some big events are on the way for Konoha. With many believing that the latest events of the manga are pointing toward the Seventh Hokage's demise, it's certainly understandable that far more fans are following along with the latest journeys of Team 7!

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