Take A Private Tour of the British Museum's Manga Exhibit with this Video

You'd be hard pressed to find a medium that hasn't seen some sort of influence from the art and storytelling found in manga. Though obviously the biggest influencer on anime, the books themselves are still bought buy the millions each year and continue to churn out stories enjoyed by readers worldwide. The British Museum recently displayed an exhibit highlighting the work of manga through the ages, with works like Dragon Ball and Attack On Titan placed on their walls. Viz Media recently filmed a walk through of the Museum's exhibit for viewers and fans of the medium.

Viz Media took to their Twitter account to give those who haven't been fortunate enough to visit the British Museum's new gallery the opportunity to receive a guided tour through some of the exhibits:

The exhibit, running from May 23rd to August 26th, studies over 200 years of manga's existence, highlighting specific manga titles such as Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Attack On Titan, One Piece, Vagabond, Astro Boy, Slam Dunk, Uzumaki, and JoJo's Bizarre Adevnture to name a few. Special note is taken explaining the emergence and history of Osamu Tezukam, the creator of Astro Boy who helped to take the world of manga and elevate it as not just a medium for children, but for everyone.

(Photo: British Museum)

The exhibit itself, while having several different pages and panels of manga attached to the walls, also allows readers to scan QR codes next to current and old physical copies of manga to read as much as they want before they leave. The exhibits themselves are mostly original pages and pencils from the artists themselves, sometimes retaining the original notes from editors or the artists that were looking to make changes or touch things up on the page.


Viz Media itself was originally created in 1986 as Viz LLC in San Francisco, California. It became "Viz Media' when Viz LLC merged with the company ShoPro Entertainment and has remained the largest supplier of graphic novels and comics books in the United States since 2017. While releasing countless manga to the world, Viz is most known for its work on the Dragon Ball and One Piece series. The company has even had its hand in the making of some feature films such as the live action Death Note, Edge of Tomorrow, and most recently, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu!

Will you be trying to visit the manga exhibit at the British Museum this year? Which exhibit would you be most excited to see? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.

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