BTS Announces Surprise Collab with Among Us

It doesn't need saying, but BTS is one of the biggest things in music right now. After making their debut several years back, the Korean group has broken dozens of barriers to make it big on the global market. And now, it seems the group is ready to take on a new challenge with help from... Among Us?

Yes, you heard right. BTS might be working hard on several upcoming performances, but the band's mascots are doing work elsewhere. That is why BT21 has announced a special collaboration with Among Us, so fans will have to decide if Cooky is the imposter after all...!

But then again, it could be Van. Tata doesn't seem the type, but in the end, no one would be surprised if RJ ended up being a wolf in sheep's clothing. Get it??

The partnership was made official this week when BT21 hit up Twitter to share the news. A short video was released that shows the BT21 mascots involved in a game. As time goes on, each of the characters is voted out of the game, so you can decide who the real imposter was on your own.

As for the deal itself, BT21 will be joining Among Us by way of new skins, but there is a huge catch. Gamers will be able to deck out Among Us avatars with BT21 accessories and outfits. The event is slated to start on November 25 both in South Korea and overseas, but as we said, there is a catch. The teaser says these BT21 skins will not be available in-game, so fans will have to see how the BTS x Among Us deal works out. 

While BT21 and Among Us prepare to team up, BTS has its own projects in mind. The group is set to perform at the American Music Awards this fall with Coldplay to celebrate their joint single "My Universe". This televised performance comes shortly after the group announced its Permission to Dance concert in Los Angeles on November 28. 

What do you make of this special collaboration? Is BTS enough to get you back into Among Us? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.