BTS Releases MV Teaser For Their Steve Aoki Collaboration

Anime isn’t the only industry from the east making it big in the US these days. South Korean boy [...]

Anime isn't the only industry from the east making it big in the US these days. South Korean boy band BTS is also creeping into the west as they prepare for their much-anticipated performance at the American Music Awards this weekend. Earlier today, the group's company dropped a teaser for a remix of one BTS song, and some big-name US artists lent their talents to the track.

Over on Youtube, BigHit Entertainment posted a one-minute teaser of "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)." The clip, which can be seen above, shows the award-winning producer walking through an empty room towards a DJ set-up. Once he puts his headphones on, the remix fades in as BTS is shown behind a table loaded with microphones. The teaser goes on to highlight the remix's new rhythm and beat-drops along with BTS' slick choreography.

The remix has caused a firestorm on Twitter as fans from around the world buzz about the performance. The full music video will drop on November 24, 2017 when the entire track hits the Internet.

Steven Aoki's remix of BTS has been on the horizon for awhile now. The producer met up with the global superstars at the Billboard Music Awards earlier this year. Desiigner is also said to guest on the remix, so the new version of "MIC Drop" could contain a verse from the Brooklyn rapper.

If you are hoping to see BTS perform the remix live, then you will get the chance later this month. Earlier today, the group appeared on KTLA News, and its host confirmed BTS will premiere their live take on "MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)" when they visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The performance will be recorded on November 21 and air six days later on November 27.

For those of you unaware of BTS, the band comes from South Korea and is one of the K-pop industry's biggest talents. The group recently released its album "Love Yourself" and has done on to dominate the Billboard Hot 100 and beyond. Their performance at the AMAs will mark their first-ever performance on live television in the US, and the group's 'ARMY' fan-base has created a social media storm over the talented singers.