Steve Aoki Confirms New BTS Collaborations For 2018

If you haven’t heard about BTS already, then Steve Aoki is going to make sure the name comes [...]

If you haven't heard about BTS already, then Steve Aoki is going to make sure the name comes across this year. After all, the superstar DJ just confirmed he's teaming up with the k-pop squad for a couple of collaborations this year.

Recently, Aoki sat down with Trending Live to talk about his latest projects, and it was there BTS was brought up. The DJ, who dropped a fiery remix of the band's single "MIC Drop" last year, opened up about his collaboration with BTS. And, to the surprise of fans everywhere, Aoki said he is not done with the boys just yet.

"Now we've got some new music coming out for 2018, so that's exciting as well," Aoki said.

"We got this remix to put out there, but now we have some original music too."

At the start of the chat, Aoki talked a bit about he hooked up with BTS for their original team-up. "It's always about just hanging out and just talking about music, seeing if there's a connection. I went to Korea, met up with the production team that produces all their music," the DJ explained.

"We also linked up on the music side and came back to my studio in L.A. and my studio in Vegas and worked on the 'MIC Drop' remix! That was the start."

So far, Aoki's work with BTS has paid off for both of the acts. The track debuted last year and has been on the Billboard Hot 100 ever since. The song has been moving on the chart for eight weeks now after debut at the 28th spot upon it release, and 'MIC Drop' doesn't look like it will be dropping off the chart anytime soon.

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