Captain Marvel Unlocks Sailor Moon Outfit in this Stunning Cosplay

One of the coolest bits of collaboration and inspiration fans had felt over the course of the last couple of years was the release of Captain Marvel. This film inspired tons of fun fan-art and cosplay of its own, but it got pretty magical when the star of the film and Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson revealed that she felt like Sailor Moon was a role model for her growing up. Noting how she would rush home from school in order to keep from missing an episode, Sailor Moon fans couldn't help but love the superhero actor even more.

This resulted in some fantastic art which fused together Captain Marvel and Sailor Moon to create a sort of "Sailor Marvel" which combined the aesthetics of the two heroes in a magical new way. Larson even took to social media shortly after the art made its way to her to share her approval of the cool fusion that combined two of her biggest influences.

Now that magical fusion has gone one step further and has awesomely blossomed into the real world thanks to artist @ruffincosplay (who you can find on Instagram here). This outstanding recreation of an already outstanding idea certainly begs the question of when we'll possibly get a full series like this. Check it out below:

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After artist @drachearannak (who you can find on Instagram on here) revealed this super fun combo design, fans couldn't quite get Sailor Moon out of their heads even when checking out Captain Marvel's follow-up appearance in Avengers: Endgame. Noting how her look reminded fans of Sailor Uranus, these kinds of comparisons just beg for official collaboration from Marvel and Kodansha of some kind.


Whether it's various Marvel heroes getting official magical girl makeovers or the Sailor Scouts getting full hero gear, the two series coming together would result in far more than awesome cosplay like this! If this cosplay can be sparked from a single design, imagine the possibilities!

Are you waiting to see what's to come in Captain Marvel 2? Waiting on the Sailor Moon films like Sailor Moon Eternal? Would you want a full magical girl series of some kind from Marvel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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