Castlevania's Adi Shankar Addresses Those Berserk Remake Rumors

When it comes to dark anime, there are few titles as gritty as Berserk. While audiences may look at Game of Thrones and cringe over its dark tones, the heavy themes of Berserk make Westeros look like a joyful playground. Over the years, fans have begun rallying for an adaptation of Berkserk to go live, and there is one man they want to answer the call.

However, it seems Adi Shankar has not heard anything official about any Berserk projects.

Recently, IGN spoke with the Hollywood producer to talk about his latest project, The End of Pokemon. The animated Bootleg Universe short gave Pokemon a sadistic makeover, so Shankar was asked about other anime projects he’d like to pursue. And it turns out Berserk is high on that list.

According to Shankar, he has not been “officially” approached about a Berserk project, but it would be a dream job of his. If the opportunity were to arise one day, there is little doubt Shankar would jump at the chance, but the producer is busy these days. Shankar is the showrunner for Netflix’s anime adaptation of Castlevania, and he will soon oversee the site’s Devil May Cry anime.

As for Berserk, there is nothing in the works for the franchise as of late, but Shankar knows how he would handle the title. In the past, the producer has spoken with outlets like Forbes about the gig, and Shankar said he’d want to approach the title with hyper realism.


Berserk needs to come back. If someone reputable gets me the rights I’ll bring it back in that 2D hand-drawn vibe and make is closer to the manga, because the hyper-detailed beauty of Kentaro Miura’s artwork in the manga is the true masterpiece.”

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