Castlevania Cosplay Re-Unites Trevor And Sypha

Castlevania fans bid a fond farewell to Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard earlier this year when the popular animated Netflix series came to an end, though fans were thrilled to hear that a new vampire-centric series was on the way from Powerhouse Animation, which will return to the world of the video game adaptation. The fourth and final season of the animated series gave Trevor and Sypha quite the happy ending, with the Belmont managing to survive his fight against Death and the pair joining Alucard to create a new society using the locale of Dracula's castle as its focal point.

The next chapter of Castlevania's Netflix adaptation won't be following the familiar trio of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard, but instead will venture far into the future during the timeframe of the French Revolution, telling the story of the descendant of the Belmont clan. Richter Belmont, the upcoming whip wielder of the new series will be the focal point, having appeared in Castlevania games such as Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night to name a few. While Trevor and Sypha most likely won't be playing a role, it definitely is possible that Alucard will be making a return not just thanks to his popularity, but also considering the role he had to play in Symphony of the Night, which is an entry of the franchise that is often considered the best of the series.

Instagram Account The Merry Moth shared this cosplaying pair that brought back the two vampire hunters of Netflix's Castlevania once again, who managed to survive the fight against Dracula himself as well as the numerous attempts that were made to bring back the Lord of the Vampires from the grave:

Castlevania isn't the only video game adaptation that Netflix will have been a part of its library, with video game series such as Far Cry, Devil May Cry, Cuphead, The League of Legends, and Cyberpunk 2077 to name a few. With the streaming service seeing success in video game adaptations such as The Witcher, DOTA, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil to name a few, Netflix seems to be on a tear when it comes to merging their platform with that of the worlds created by gaming. 


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