Chainsaw Man Ignored Censors for One of Its Gnarliest Scenes

You might not have expected Chainsaw Man to become the hit it is today, but creator Tatsuki Fujimoto likes to keep readers on their toes. The gifted artist took a wild premise and filled it with enough rough introspection to make any reader enamored. This only became more obvious as the manga's first half neared its end, and one scene in particular shocked fans to their core. And according to a new report, it turns out Chainsaw Man's editor defied censors to make the moment happen. 

The update was given during Jump Festa, an annual event in Japan that gives updates on all things shonen. It was there Chainsaw Man stepped out for a big panel, and Fujimoto's editor attended to hype fans. The editor went on to share the surprising story with attendees, and readers will be able to pick out the controversial scene with ease.

According to Fujimoto's editor, he told the artist a certain scene with Denji and Makima was not going to make it past censors. The moment in question is found in chapter 96 as Denji reflects on his recent fight with Makima. While eating dinner, Denji is scene rifling through a fridge filled with leftovers, and he eats a delicious meal before fans are clued into a nasty secret. His meal and fridge are filled with Makima's butchered body, so Denji is very literally eating the girl.

Obviously, that is pretty messed up, and Fujimoto's editor was certain censors would flag it. However, Fujimoto said he would simply post the original panel on Twitter if the heads at Shueisha edited the scene. As the chapter neared its debut, Fujimoto even said he and his editor could go into hiding if Shueisha threw a fit over the content. And while it did rile up the fandom, Chainsaw Man did not censor the scene.

This isn't the first time dark themes like cannibalism have been touched in Shonen Jump, but it is the highest-profile case. Chainsaw Man pushed boundaries with each chapter, and Fujimoto has more where that came from. So if you are hyped for the manga to return, just know you aren't alone!

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