Chainsaw Man Confirms Manga's Part 2 Release Window

The first part of Chainsaw Man's manga ended by fundamentally changing the world of Denji and his fellow devil hunters forever, with more than a few characters not able to survive the final battle. With Jump Festa already revealing that the anime adaptation from Studio MAPPA is set to arrive next year, the second part of the bloody Shonen's manga appears to be doing the same, which is set to surely reveal just where the Chainsaw Man is headed into the future. 

Without venturing into spoiler territory, the first part of Chainsaw Man ended on quite the wild series of events, with plenty of characters biting the bullet as Denji attempted to fight a surprising final threat. Leaving plenty of plotlines that have yet to be examined, the second part of the bloody story is sure to see Denji and his friends in a very different place in their lives, with Tatsuki Fujimoto set to further explore this dark world wherein devils make deals with humanity on a routine basis. Based on the first part of the Shonen franchise, expect lots of blood and violence when the manga returns next summer in 2022.

The Official Twitter Account for Chainsaw Man revealed the release window for the second part of the manga series, with Tatsuki Fujimoto jumping back into his most popular work to date, as the first story had plenty of questions that were left unanswered when the finale rolled around:

This year's Jump Festa has revealed quite a lot of information regarding the likes of Dragon Ball Super, Bleach, Spy x Family, and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, with Chainsaw Man certainly distinguishing itself from its Shonen brethren by drenching itself in massive amounts of gore. Chainsaw Man first debuted in 2018 and has hit new levels of popularity with eleven volumes of its manga having already been released. With the anime series set to drop next year, the sky is the limit for Denji and his devil-hunting friends. 

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