Chainsaw Man Creator Is Working On a New Manga

It is hard to find a manga more popular than Chainsaw Man these days. The wild series overcame the odds to become a global hit, and there are millions awaiting its big anime debut this year. Of course, that means creator Tatsuki Fujimoto is busier than ever, but that isn't stopping him from inking a brand-new manga.

The report surfaced online as an interview with Fujimoto made its way around Japanese netizens. It didn't take long for the news to reach fans globally, and the word is the creator is already working on an unnamed new manga focused on a femme fatale.

According to the report, Fujimoto has been working on the manga for a while now, and the idea of a femme fatale has called to him for years. The Chainsaw Man artist admits he likes the idea of "a woman who [destroys] everything along her way" in life. Fujimoto says there is a lot left for him to do before this mysterious project is ready to hit shelves, but he's eager to publish the story in the future.

As you can see, Fujimoto is keeping busy these days, and fans will take all the manga he can create. A series centered around a femme fatale has serious potential, and he's toyed with the archetype before thanks to Makima. So when Fujimoto says he wants to explore the idea in a new series, you know Chainsaw Man fans are going to be game. 

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