Code Geass Shares Special New Promo

Mech Suits are a major part of more anime franchises than we can count, with Mobile Suit Gundam becoming so popular as an anime series that it has received multiple real life statues to celebrate its long history within the realm of entertainment. Now, Code Geass is set to make a comeback as the mech series celebrates its fifteenth anniversary not just with an upcoming anime series, but also with a new video game that has received an original animation to help celebrate the franchise.       

The upcoming game in the world of Code Geass is set to play out as something of a battle grid system, placing the mechs of the series into scenarios wherein the players will control various robots. Anime franchises have had a long history in the mobile market, with typical video games presenting "gacha" style games in which players are able to collect characters or creatures from respective franchises. Code Geass joins a number of anime franchises including Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, One Piece, and many others. As is the case with this upcoming Code Geass game, a new anime video has been released to help in telling this new story. 

DMM Games shared the new clip for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories that once again brings back the series to the world of animation, as the series gets ready to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary with yet another story on the world of the small screen: 

If you haven't experienced the thought-provoking story of Lelouch, Crunchyroll offered the following official description of the anime series:

"The year is 2017 of the Imperial calendar and parts of the world are under the control of the Holy Britannian Empire. Lelouch Lamperouge, an exiled Britannian prince, encounters a strange girl known as C.C., who gifts him with a great and terrible power. The Geass. With this powerful ability, Lelouch can get anyone to do as he wills. But the power of Geass: is it a blessing…or a curse."

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