Demon Slayer Short Hypes New Seasons With This Infinity Castle Adaptation

Demon Slayer's third season took fans deep into the Swordsmith Village Arc, with season 2 exploring both the Mugen Train Arc and the Entertainment District Arc. While Tanjiro and his allies were able to defeat the Upper Moons 4 and 5, it has placed them in the sights of the demon lord Muzan. Specifically wanting Nezuko thanks to her newfound ability to survive in the sun, the Demon Slayer Corps has already been confirmed for a fourth season, but one fan animator didn't want to wait. 

The next storyline that has been confirmed for Demon Slayer's anime adaptation is the "Hashira Training Arc", in which Tanjiro and his friends, Inosuke and Zenitsu, will undergo the most rigorous training of their young careers. In an effort to become Hashira themselves, they'll train alongside the top members of the Demon Slayer Corps as they attempt to not just earn the new titles, but survive the experience. Of course, during this upcoming arc, Muzan is hellbent on capturing Nezuko in order to steal her ability to survive in direct sunlight. Unfortunately for Tanjiro's sister, Muzan is looking to eat her in an effort to make himself even more powerful.

The Infinity Castle Arc Animated

Obviously, if you are only following along with the anime, you might want to turn back now as the fan animation dives into some major spoilers for areas that will be covered by the Demon Slayer anime adaptation. While Tanjiro and his friends have fought some terrifying demons so far, we have yet to see them take on the strongest that are creeping across the Earth. Luckily for the shonen protagonist, he'll get some big help from the Hashira.

At present, Ufotable has yet to reveal when the fourth season of Demon Slayer will arrive, outside of confirming that production has begun. When the Infinity Castle Arc does arrive, it will be the penultimate arc before the final fight begins, meaning there aren't too many more storylines before Demon Slayer comes to an end. Regardless of when the Demon Slayer Corps does journey forth for the last time, the ending will be a major event in the anime world.

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