Digimon Adventure Introduces Biyomon's Ultimate Evolution

Digimon Adventure has been introducing each of the Ultimate Evolutions at a much faster rate than initially expected for these new DigiDestined, and now the newest episode has officially brought in the Ultimate in Biyomon's evolutionary line, Garudamon, to the 20th Anniversary reboot series. As the DigiDestined split into two groups to make it across the Dark Continent, they have found themselves facing off against several Ultimate level threats already. This has forced all of them to evolve in order to face these threats, and the newest episode was focused on bringing Sora and Biyomon to this next stage of evolution.

Sora's power (which fans of the original series will recognize) is based around her love of things. As Birdramon explains to her, Sora gives her power through love and affection for people, Digimon, and the Digital World around her. It's her drive that ends up helping Biyomon evolve later when they have to rescue a few Funbeemon as they are being chased by an Ultimate level Cannonbeemon and its Waspmon cronies.

When Cannonbeemon begins fighting Birdramon directly as part of Sora and Matt's plan to distract it enough to save the Funbeemon, and when Birdramon does not have enough power to stack up against its cannons Sora charges it with her Digivice. Fueled by her wanting to save the others, Birdramon officially evolves into Guardramon.

Garudamon's debut marks the fourth Ultimate evolution debut in the new series, and the next two are sure to follow in quick succession. The scope of this new series has gone far beyond recognition from anything the original series did, and while that initially seemed a bit worrisome, it also means that there are more surprises in store late down the line. This is especially true when you factor in the scope of the fight also bringing in the Holy Digimon and more further down the line. But what do you think about these changes?

What did you think of Biyomon's Ultimate Evolution in Digimon Adventure? How does Garudamon's first appearance here compare to its first appearance in the original series? How are you enjoying the Ultimate evolution debuts in the reboot series so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!