Digimon Adventure Cosplay Takes to the Heavens With Angewomon

One Digimon Adventure cosplay is truly taking to the heavens ahead of the reboot anime series' big finale with a heavenly take on Angewomon! As part of a celebration for the monumental 20th Anniversary of the Digimon franchise, Toei Animation and Bandai kicked off a special rebooted take on the original Digimon Adventure anime that aired over 20 years ago. This new reboot introduced a new take on the original DigiDestined children, and a completely different kind of Digital World and story than fans of that original series were ever really expecting to see. 

Soon this new anime will be coming to an end following its impressive 67 episode run, and throughout the reboot fans have seen a much different take on the Digimon partners as well. This was especially true for the two Holy Digimon, Angewomon and Angemon, who not only have a greater amount of power thanks to their holy roots in this new series, but didn't show up until quite a ways into the reboot's run overall. That made Angewomon's debut all the more impactful, and now the angelic Digimon has made yet another huge impact with some awesome cosplay from @simplyarabella on Instagram! Check it out below: 

Unlike the original series, Angewomon continued to evolve through the journey in the reboot series. The Digimon's Ultimate level was the highest Kari's partner had reached in the original, but the new version has not only unlocked on Mega Evolution with the massive Magnadramon, but as fans saw with the final battle of the series, there was still one more evolution to unlock. This led to the strongest version of the angelic Digimon seen in the TV series yet, Ophanimon. 

Ophanimon carries a lot more power than Angewomon ever did, but soon all of that will be coming to an end alongside the rest of the rebooted Digimon Adventure series. This might be the end of the reboot, but it's far from the end of the Digimon franchise as a whole as Toei Animation and Bandai have already confirmed the next major iteration of the series will be making its debut next month alongside the other new additions coming in the Fall 2021 anime season. 


It's yet to be seen whether or not fans will ever get to see Angewomon and the original DigiDestined roster in action again after this reboot and the Last Evolution Kizuna movie, but what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on everything Digimon in the comments!