Digimon Adventure Teases Electrifying Mega Evolution Debut

Digimon Adventure is teasing an electrifying Mega Evolution debut coming to the reboot anime [...]

Digimon Adventure is teasing an electrifying Mega Evolution debut coming to the reboot anime series next! The anime is now in the thick of its final arc as the DigiDestined have been exploring the Digital World in search of figuring out the secrets behind each of their Crests, and this has resulted in some brand new Mega Evolutions that we never got to see in action in the original TV anime series. Because while we got to see the DigiDestined partners unlock their full forms in the sequel films released years later, this TV anime is finally making good on the original promises of evolution for the full crew.

This includes the next Mega Evolution slated to debut with the next episode of the series, HerakleKabuterimon (or HerculesKabuterimon depending on what translation you decide to follow). Episode 59 of the series is titled "Bolt, HerakleKabuterimon" and teases that it will be Koushiro Izumi and Tentomon's challenge next as they put their Crest of Knowledge to the ultimate test against a strange enemy. You can check out the preview for the episode in the video above as released by Toei Animation's official Twitter account!

Digimon Adventure HerakleKabuterimon Mega Evolution Reboot
(Photo: Toei Animation)

The synopsis for the episode (as spotted by @Wikimon_news on Twitter) teases how Koushiro and Tentomon are wrapped into a mysterious and literal new test in "Bolt, HerakleKabuterimon as such, "Guided by the Crest of Knowledge, Koshiro and Tentomon return to the great canyon, which has an array of rocks. Nanomon, a knowledge-crazed Digimon, awaits them there. Nanomon challenges Koshiro to a riddle-solving game to determine who the true master of knowledge is."

The rest of the synopsis then teases the final conflict that will eventually push MegaKabuterimon into its Mega Evolution form as such, "Having joined up with Taichi, Koshiro attempts the dungeon prepared by Nanomon in order to rescue Whamon, who has been taken hostage. However, it turns out that each time he solves a riddle incorrectly in the dungeon, one of his friends gets taken away. In the end, can Koshiro solve Nanomon's riddles? And, who will become the true master of knowledge?"

What do you think? Are you excited to see the next Mega Evolution coming to Digimon Adventure's reboot? What final conflict do you think is still waiting for the new series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!