Digimon Adventure Reboot Makes Major Summer Camp Change

Digimon Adventure is keeping busy with its reboot, but fans are going to have lots of time to mill over the latest episode. With the anime on indefinite hiatus due to the pandemic, the reboot has fans hanging on episode three right now. Of course, that is fine with fans who are catching up with the series, but they will be rather surprised when Taichi experiences a very familiar location in a very different way.

For those who have checked out the new Digimon Adventure episode, they will know something was a bit off with the release. In the wake of episode two, fans were left strung out as Omnimon fought against an extremely powerful virus, but the fusion was able to get a clean win. After the battle ended, fans reunited with Taichi as he befriend Koshiro for real, and then the time came. Summer camp came calling, and fans were ready for all sorts of shenanigans...

Digimon Adventure Reboot Tai Izzy Anime
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Except, that is not what happened. The summer camp barely factored into the episode at all, leaving fans on a crashing high from seeing the beloved camp after all these years.

After all, the summer camp is what brought Taichi together with his DigiDestined pals all those years ago. The location was a pivotal one in the original Digimon Adventure series, but it is little more than a footnote here. Taichi and Koshiro are the focus at camp along with Sora for a hot second. But for everyone else like Izumi, they are given little more than a seconds-long cameo.


In lieu of camp, the new episode throws Taichi into the Digital World with all the fervor it can muster. This new area should also look familiar to fans even though it has been given a substantial makeover. And while old-school fans were surprised by the shift, they admit the streamlined plot has got them hooked for whatever is to come in episode four... whenever it comes out.

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