Digimon Completes Crowdfunding Campaign for New Anime Series

If you're hoping to see more Digimon in the future, now is your chance to make sure that happens. [...]

If you're hoping to see more Digimon in the future, now is your chance to make sure that happens. The team behind the ever-popular series is working hard to try and get a new set of episodes together to celebrate the show's 20th anniversary. That said, they can't do it without the help of the fans.

The Digimon team has launched a crowdfunding campaign for The Digimon Memorial Story Project will consist of a few short episodes that highlight the daily life of the human characters from the series and their 'mons. The campaign is not only live, but it looks as though the goal has already been reached. According to the page on Campfire, 100% of the funds have already been raised.

That said, the site is currently still accepting donations for the project. If you choose to donate, there are some sweet Digimon benefits to be had, based on the tier of donation you're willing to give. Everything from original art and Blu-rays to an invite to the premiere of the new episodes is up for grabs. There's even an option to get your own personal Digimon designed by Kenji Watanabe.

This option is the most expensive at 300,00 yen (Roughly $2800 USD), but it's also the most exciting. You would get a custom Digimon designed just for you, along with a stuffed animal version delivered to your doorstep. Here's what the campaign says it includes:

Digimon Character Designer Kenji Watanabe will draw your own original partner Digimon! In addition, we will deliver the design as a stuffed animal!
*The original partner Digimon will be contacted individually after the application is complete. We will design original partner Digimon after meeting directly with Kenji Watanabe. In addition to the stuffed toy gifts created based on the design illustrations, we will also give you data.
*All rights, including copyright, cannot be retained for the designed original partner Digimon.

You can head to the site here if you feel like making a donation!

Are you looking forward to more Digimon in the future? Let us know in the comments.