'Digimon' Fans Will Need This Life-Sized Tailmongatomon Plushie ASAP

Digimon fans, if you've ever wanted to cuddle up with Tailmongatomon then this is for you. In commemoration of the release of Digimon Adventur Tri.'s fifth chapter in Japan, Bandai's official online store is accepting pre-orders for a life-size plush Tailmongatomon.

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Crunchyroll reports that the 50-cm tall plushie's design was supervised by original Digimon designer Kenji Watanabe. The plush Tailmongatomon features detailed gloved paws as well as a Holy Ring on its tail. The doll costs around $72. Pre-orders will be accepted through Bandai's official online store, Premium Bandai, through November 20th with an expected release in February 2018. You can check out the adorable plushie below.

plus tailmon
(Photo: Bandai)

Digimon fans will want to get their hands on this Tailmongatomon plushie not just for its cuteness, though. With the film series coming to an end fans might find they need something to cuddle. The fifth chapter of Digimon Adventure Tri. series, Symbiosis, began its three-week theatrical run in Japan last Friday. The fifth film ended with a teaser for the sixth and final film in the series. Digimon Adventure Tri. Part 6 - Our Future is set to arrive sometime at the beginning of next summer.