'Digimon Links' Releases In The U.S.

Bandai Namco Entertainment has launched the Digimon Links smartphone game, with the latest game [...]

Bandai Namco Entertainment has launched the Digimon Links smartphone game, with the latest game being available on both iOS and Android devices. In September the company released the trailer for the upcoming game, which allows players to build a farm and raise Digimon. The game will allow you to battle three-on-three, with many of the Digital Monsters available for training being from the original series.

However, this isn't the first time Digimon Fans have heard the name Digimon Links, as they have been eager to play the game since it was originally released in Japan in March 2016. Therefore, it has been a long wait for Digmon fans, as they patiently waited for the smartphone game to arrive in the U.S.

The farm feature of the game looks fantastic, with fans being able to train and raise their own Digimon any way they wish. In addition, the game-play looks simple to use, with the game hosting a variety of the franchises original characters, as well as their Digi-evolutions. In addition, the game will allow co-op battles, with players being allowed to play with and against other players.

This new game has been released in celebration of the franchises 20th anniversary. The series was and still is famous for their virtual pets, as well as the popular animated series that started back in 1999. Since the first Digimon virtual pet was released in 1997, the franchise has inspired an animated film, a card game, a manga series and a range of video games to complement the popular anime. Meanwhile, the original manga, Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, was written by Hiroshi Izawa.

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

The official website of the game describes the new Digimon Links as:

Digimon Links features a whole range of Digimon from past Digital Monsters series entries. Train Digimon on your Farm and try out the new, turn-based 3 VS 3 "Digimon Training Battle" system! Prepare to face the sudden, unexplained strange phenomena in the Digital World alongside your Digimon!