'Digimon': Here's What A Live-Action Greymon Could Look Like

Pokemon is hoping to turn Hollywood around with live-action anime, and it seems fans are eyeing [...]

Pokemon is hoping to turn Hollywood around with live-action anime, and it seems fans are eyeing franchises ripe for the picking. Over on social media, an artist has imagined how Digimon could look in live-action, and it has got fans ready to enter the Digital World.

Taking to Instagram, fans got a good look at what a favorite evolved monster might look like on the big screen. George Evangelista mocked up a design for the creature Greymon, and the dinosaur comes off real scary.

In fact, this adaptation leans heavily on Jurassic Park, and audiences could not be happier for it.

As you can see above, the live-action adaptation imagines Greymon as a towering dinosaur similar to a T-Rex. Its textured skin is colored orange and blue, but its arms are long enough to cause some real damage. Complete with a tail, Greymon is showing off its fierce teeth here as it lets out a roar, and the expression is made all the more terrifying thanks to a black skull mask.

Evangelista posted a short note to fans apologizing for their recent absence, but he's getting back to work on his live-action designs.

"Sorry for the lack of updates, there was [sic] too many deadlines to complete this week. Starting to catch up so I will be soon be posting a bit more. So for today I finished Greymon."

As far as fans know, there are no plans in the work for a live-action Digimon project but the franchise is far from dead. Last year, fans saw Digimon Adventure Tri. come to an end and bring its older DigiDestined together for a teenage tryst. Now, Toei Animation has confirmed the franchise is working on its next film that will debut in early 2020 and follow the original DigiDestined as young adults with their digital partners.

So, do you think Digimon would suit live-action? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

The Digimon series was originally conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation, and WiZ in 1997 as a way to capitalize on the virtual pet craze sparked by Tamagotchi. The franchise focus on its titular "Digital Monsters," monsters that live in a parallel, digital world that came from mankind's technology. The franchise had its first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, which focuses on a group of children known as the DigiDestined (or "Chosen Children" in Japan) that are transported to the world of Digimon and have to fight the various evil digital beasts that roam the land.


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