Digimon Survive Shares New Story and Character Details

Digimon has been around for decades at this point, but the series has no plans on quitting. Thanks [...]

Digimon has been around for decades at this point, but the series has no plans on quitting. Thanks to its huge following, Digimon has secured itself a new lease on life in both film and gaming. In fact, both of the mediums have projects being worked on, and some new information has been revealed about Digimon Survive.

For those unaware, the Digimon legacy will continue next year with a brand-new game. Digimon Survive plans to go live in 2020 with a big story under its wing, and Weekly Famitsu put out new information about the plot this week.

As translated by the fan-site With The Will, Digimon Survive will follow a boy named Takuma and his friends as they visit a shrine.

"Takuma and his group visit the shrine that bears the legend of the "Kemonogami" when monsters suddenly appear. They work with these monsters to drive away an enemy attacking them. The lodgings that they are staying overnight in have also changed in appearance, looking as though they are several decades older. Ryou Tominaga, a guy who puts up a tough front but is actually a coward, joins their group but then...?"

The magazine shares some specific notes about how the game will begin. Takuma and the gang will delve their grand adventure after a monster attacks them. In fact, his new character bio confirms the boy "finds himself lost in a whole different world" after being attacked, so fans can anticipate visiting the Digital World.

If you are hoping to bring this game home, you will have to wait a bit longer. Digimon Survive is not expected to hit shelves until 2020, and the year will also usher in Digimon: Last Evolution, a new film starring the original DigiDestined children.

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Currently scheduled for a release February 21, 2020 in Japan, Tomohisa Taguchi will be directing Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna for Toei Animation. Akatsuki Yamatoya returns from the original series to write the screenplay, Seiji Tachikawa will serve as chief animation director, Hiromi Seki returns from the original series to serve as supervisor, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru returns as character designer, and Kenji Watanabe returns as the Digimon designer.