Dr. Stone Illustrator to Release Special One Piece Zoro One-Shot

One Piece is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the anime series this year, and the 22nd [...]

One Piece is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the anime series this year, and the 22nd Anniversary of the original manga's debut in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. To mark such a big occasion, the next issue of the magazine is going to be bursting at the seams with all sorts of One Piece goodness. Not only has Shueisha announced we'll be getting an update on the planned live-action television series, but we'll also be getting a special Zoro solo adventure.

Confirming earlier reports, the latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump announced that Dr. Stone illustrator, and Sun-Ken Rock creator, Boichi will be producing a One Piece one-shot starring Zoro.

This official one chapter spin-off of the series is titled "Roronoa Zoro: Fall Into the Ocean" and will focus on a fight between Zoro and Dracule Mihawk. This one-shot special will debut along with the July 22nd release of the magazine, and will run for 46 pages in total. Unfortunately, there aren't too many details beyond that but this is an exciting prospect for fans as it might shed a new light on Zoro's time with Mihawk. But there's no telling what time period the new spin-off will set itself in.

While it might seem like a surprising idea, this isn't the first one-shot spin-off for the series. For the series' 21st Anniversary, One Piece released "Shokugeki no Sanji." This spin-off one-shot starred Sanji and was tackled by Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma illustrator Shun Saeki. The illustrations might have been a dramatic shift from the norm, but the spirit of Eiichiro Oda's original was kept very much alive.

So fans are definitely hoping the same for this new special, and are excited to see what kind of intensity an illustrator like Boichi will bring to Zoro. Are you excited to see this one-shot? Have you read Dr. Stone or Sun-Ken Rock at all? Let us know in the comments!

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. It has since been collected into over 80 volumes, and has been a critical and commercial success worldwide with many of the volumes breaking printing records in Japan. The manga has even set a Guinness World Record for the most copies published for the same comic book by a single author, and is the best-selling manga series worldwide with over 430 million copies sold. The series still ranked number one in manga sales in 2018, which surprised fans of major new entries.

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