Dr. Stone Is Ready to Reveal Its Big Villain's Secret Identity

Last year, Dr. Stone confirmed it was entering its final phase, and the series has been going wild ever since the word went out. The manga has already dropped some intense chapters to kick off 2022, and it seems even more updates are coming for February. After all, Dr. Stone just dropped its biggest cliffhanger yet that promises to reveal the true identity of Why-Man at last. 

The whole thing went down this week in Dr. Stone chapter 227. The update checked in on Senku at the very end as he confronted his party. It was there he went over some of the info they've all scrounged about Why-Man. But in the last spread, Senku stunned everyone by dropping a bombshell.

"The perpetrator behind that flash of light that turned humanity to stone thousands of years ago. All along, this whole time closer than we knew. Why-Man was you," the scientist shared,

Of course, the final page did not reveal who exactly Senku believes Why-Man is. It doesn't seem to be Senku obviously, but it could be anyone else in his party. This has the whole Dr. Stone fandom in an uproar online, and you can find some of their reactions below.

Of course, all eyes are on Dr. Stone to see who this double agent is. Why-Man is thought to be the man behind the world's petrification so long ago. Over the years, it seems Why-Man has tried to bring back petrification, but Senku hasn't give them any room to work. And now, our favorite scientist is ready to out Why-Man to anyone who will listen. 

What do you think of Dr. Stone's wild new cliffhanger? Do you have a guess as to the villain's identity? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.