'Dragon Ball's First Anime Trailer Debuted 32 Years Ago Today

It is hard to overlook the influence Dragon Ball has. The franchise is known as one of Japan’s [...]

It is hard to overlook the influence Dragon Ball has. The franchise is known as one of Japan's most popular, and Akira Toriyama continues to push its legacy forward with new projects. However, fans do like to look back every once in awhile to celebrate how far Dragon Ball has come over the years.

So, how is this for size? On this day 32 years ago, the first anime trailer for Dragon Ball was released in Japan.

As you can see below, the preview is making its rounds on social media today. Anime fans are buzzing about the simple teaser as the now-famous clip gave the world its first animated look at Son Goku and Bulma.

The teaser debuted in February 1986 to inform fans Dragon Ball would be taking over the spot which Dr. Slump held on cable. Fans watched as a miniature version of Goku rolls a sawed log down a mountain, but he gets distracted when a blue-haired girl starts shooting at him. It doesn't take Goku long to meet the stranger named Bulma, and the hero learns the girl is searching for a series of mystical relics known as dragon balls.

Back in 1986, there is no way anyone could have known how popular the franchise would become. The anime got its premiere on February 26th of that year, and it was very popular in Japan. The series, which is loosely based on the Chinese folktale Journey to the West, follows a young boy named Son Goku who goes on a journey to collecting the powerful dragon balls. The anime released 153 episodes before ending in April 1989, and Dragon Ball was followed up by its ever-famous successor Dragon Ball Z not long afterwards. Today, the franchise lives on with shows like Dragon Ball Super as well as through films, video games, and expanding merchandise.

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