Dragon Ball Proves Yelling Is One of Acting's Toughest Jobs

Let's be honest, alright? Acting is a tough gig. You put yourself at the mercy of others for art's sake, and fans will treat it how they want. Of course, actors push themselves to new heights to test their skills, and some performances end up better than others. And when it comes to acting, well – there is no denying the Dragon Ball crew has shown it takes serious talent to act while yelling.

Just, go watch a clip of Goku fighting if you don't believe us. The Saiyan and his friends push their limits whenever they fight. So in the studio, their voice actors must do the same.

Right now, social media is buzzing about acting performances in light of the latest Oscar nominations, and a specific question has gone viral. When a post asked what acting performance is good if they're just yelling, the anime fandom showed up droves. After all, there is no one better versed in this kind of performance than voice actors, and Dragon Ball actors take the cake.

As you can see above, the English voice actor for Goku proves as much in a special behind-the-scenes clip. We can see Sean Schemmel recording lines in a booth for Goku, and his control is absolutely wild. Despite the dialogue being minimal, Schemmel is putting intonation and emotion into his various cuts. And honestly? It is performances like this that make Dragon Ball the hit it has become.

From Schemmel to Masako Nozawa and everywhere in between, Dragon Ball actors are another breed. Acting is at its most challenging when you cannot use your facial expressions or even words to convey a message. This anime asks its stars time and again to pull this off by yelling alone. And to this day, the cast hasn't made a misstep yet.

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